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The Best Bags for Commuting to Work

Written by: Caitlin Bennett



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We ask a lot from our work bags during the daily commute. We need them to be industrious, versatile, and stylish. When it comes to finding the best bag for commuting to work, it’s not easy to find one that matches your work wardrobe and has enough space for all of your essentials. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite work commute bags from the Louenhide archives. These are the styles that our customers love, and that our designers keep making over and over again.

Emily is a research analyst for a stockbroking company by day and loves going to the gym or catching up with friends straight after work. While she was modelling our latest collection of work bags, we picked her brains about what she looks for in a work bag for commuting to work.

Emily can’t leave for work without Panadol, Hydralyte, and her water bottle. She also needs to fit in her laptop, wallet, and keys. Naturally, she prefers bags with pockets and compartments that hold her laptop upright and provide easy access to essentials like her GoCard when catching the train to the city.

Like Emily, we’ve probably all tried to squeeze a lot into our bags when travelling to work. Below is a comprehensive, yet definitely not exhaustive list of essentials that any modern woman might need to take into work.

  • Laptop and/or tablet

  • Wallet

  • Phone

  • Lipstick

  • Makeup bag and toiletries

  • Water bottle

  • Notebook

  • Lunch box

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Gym shoes

  • Workout gear

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Reading materials

It’s easy to see how all of these items can stack up. That’s why we keep these daily work essentials in mind when we’re designing bags at Louenhide. While we don’t want to create bags that are too clunky when they sit beside you on the bus, tram, ferry, or train, we also need to make sure that you can pack multiple items away safely.

When designing with the daily commute in mind, the challenge is making bags that are equal parts practical and stylish. Work bags need to be durable, yet lightweight - and they definitely shouldn’t have straps that dig into your shoulder. They need to simplify your work day and make you feel organised and confident all at the same time.

We’ve had a lot of time to refine our work bags , and here is a selection of the best work bags for commuting which our customers have tried and tested, and we have continued to create season after season.

The Best Work Bags For Commuting

The Rhodes Laptop Bag

The Rhodes Laptop Bag has a classic design that has stood the test of time. It’s made from quality vegan leather, which means it looks the part and is easy to wipe down and clean. It can also fit up to a 16-inch laptop and the additional strap which is adjustable and detachable gives you the option to wear it on your shoulder.

We all commute in different ways and the option to carry The Rhodes with the short handles or longer strap lets you distribute the weight of the bag in a way that’s comfortable for you. Even though additional padding is built in to protect your laptop or tablet, the lightweight laptop bag still only weighs in at 0.8kg!

It comes in a variety of neutral colours, so you can choose one that matches your wardrobe. Bright colours, such as green and blue also rotate through this design from season to season.

Nora Nylon Tote Bag

The  Nora Nylon Tote Bag  is the go-to work commute bag for the jet setter. If you regularly wake up for early morning work flights, this bag will help you make it out the door and through airport security with ease. 

It features a backside suitcase sleeve which means you can slip it right over your luggage and keep your hands free while you’re making your way through the airport. The top zip also keeps your belongings secure, especially when you tuck your bag away in the overhead luggage compartment or under your chair.

Rummaging through your bag for small items is a fast way to slow you down at the airport, and the easy-to-reach slip pockets tucked in the main compartment and the backside of the bag make it so much easier to find your essentials on the go.

Manhattan Tote Bag

The Manhattan Tote Bag is perfect for the modern minimalist. It has a sleek and streamlined look that never goes out of style. This bag is all about simple and sophisticated details, such as beautiful top-stitched exterior trims and statement handles. While the overall design looks compact, this bag still has plenty of interior space so that you can fit everything you love to bring to the office. It can also easily transition to after-work drinks and has a nylon interior lining which is easy to keep clean.

Orleans Laptop Bag

The  Orleans Laptop Bag  is new to Louenhide, but the briefcase is timeless. The classic office style is perfectly tailored for the modern professional woman. It’s serious, without looking uptight and can hold everything from a laptop charger to a notebook and pens. It can also be hung over a suitcase handle easily. 

They say to dress one level above your position at work, especially if you’re hoping for a promotion The refined Orleans Laptop Bag in a briefcase shape will make you look and feel the part to, from, and at work!

A woman sitting on stairs putting her laptop inside a light grey laptop case
A woman sitting on stairs with a light grey laptop case under her arm
A woman wearing a white skirt and black t-shirt with a black laptop case over her shoulder
A woman wearing a cream leather skirt with a shiraz coloured laptop bag sitting on top of a suitcase

Bex Laptop Case

The  Bex Laptop Case  is perfect if you often need to travel to meetings during the day, but don’t want to bring your entire bag with you. You can slip your laptop in the case to protect it on the way to your meeting and store your essentials in the smaller front zip pocket. 

We often include laptop cases in our work bag collections because they are so versatile. Whether you’re travelling to university, school, or work, you can slip your laptop into a stylish case. If you already have a work tote bag that you love, a laptop case can help keep your laptop separate from the rest of the items you’re carrying with you. You can also slip it into your gym bag when you want to fit in an after hours work out.

A woman sitting on stairs with a light grey laptop case under her arm
A woman wearing a pink ribbed knit dress holding a black laptop case
A woman sitting on stairs putting her laptop inside a light grey laptop case

Still searching for the best bag for commuting to work?

Check out Louenhide’s latest collection of work bags, designed by women for women on their daily commute.

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