Our Vision

At Louenhide, our environment is dear to us. We are committed to introducing new sustainability measures to reduce our footprint. Our journey into sustainability is continuously evolving; we are focusing on making small changes in considered steps to achieve our goals.

Compostable Product Bag Packaging

Louenhide uses biodegradable & compostable product packaging. They are designed to breakdown in a home compost in 90 days.

We are working in partnership with our manufacturers to implement our bio bags across all products and finalise our Home Compostable certifications.

This season, we have prevented at least 9800kg of plastic from entering our supply chain and environment. We still have a long road of refinement ahead, but it is a major step forward in reducing our plastic waste.

Compostable Post Satchels

In February 2020, we introduced home compostable post satchels by The Better Packaging Co for all online orders. Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials: corn starch, PLA and PBAT, these satchels are designed to breakdown in 90 days in a home compost. Please note, the postage label is also compostable.

We estimate by making this switch to compostable satchels, approximately 1600kg of plastic (1.6metric tonnes) will avoid entering landfill per year.

Please reuse your satchel if you have a return. Repack your item in the satchel using the second seal and affix a new label over the top.

*If you don’t have a compost at home you can find a local compost location with Planet Ark or Share Waste


For more details on Better Packaging Co products, visit their website: Better Packaging Co

Recycled Eco Polyurethane Range

Discover Louenhide’s new Recycled for Good range

Discover Louenhide’s new Recycled Eco PU Accessories Range, made from 40% Recycled Polyester waste garments and 18% Polyurethane waste. Learn More