A woman wearing a grey oversized blazer, white singlet and black shorts holding a beige nylon laptop bag and apple laptop.

How to Find the Best Laptop Bag for You

Written by: Caitlin Bennett



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Function may come before form, but that doesn’t mean your laptop bag can’t be stylish. Protecting your laptop on the way to work or university is a top priority, and you can look and feel great while doing it. 

Your laptop deserves a lot of love, attention, and protection. It enables you to learn, work, and create. However, one spill or accident can break it for good.

If you have ever embarked on a search for a strong and stylish laptop bag, then you might have been disheartened. Durability and safety often get prioritised in the design process, making it difficult to find a laptop bag that complements your wardrobe.

If you put effort into looking the part at the office, then you might want something that can complete your look and handle the commute home or to after-work drinks.

If you’re trying to find the best laptop bag for you, here are three questions you should ask. 

What size is your laptop?

Preparation is essential. Finding out that your laptop doesn’t fit in the bag can quickly ruin your unboxing experience.

So, how do you measure your laptop before buying a laptop bag?

  • The screen size of your laptop only refers to the size of the screen and doesn’t include the casing around it. So, don’t rely on this measurement to determine the laptop bag size you need.
  • Instead, open your laptop and take a screen measurement diagonally from corner to corner. 
  • You can also measure the width of your laptop by placing your tape measure across the laptop from left to right, parallel with the longest sides.
  • You can measure the length by placing your tape measure across the laptop from top to bottom, parallel with the shortest sides.
  • The height is measured by closing your laptop lid and measuring the thickest part of the laptop from the bottom to the top of the closed screen.

If you’re buying a laptop bag, you should be able to find the size it caters for in the product specifications. You can add a few centimetres to your laptop measurements to ensure that you have adequate space in your bag. However, don’t add too much space, as you want to reduce the movement of your laptop.

The Best Laptop Bags for Women

A woman wearing a beige jacket, cream top and black pants holding a cream laptop bag with nude handles and an apple macbook pro.
A closeup of a light beige laptop bag with a navy and toffee zig zag webbing strap, showing a phone in the back zip pocket.

The best laptop bags for work also accommodate for your phone, wallet, and notebook. Separate compartments keep the items that your laptop shouldn’t go near, such as water bottles, in their own space.

If your laptop is quite heavy, then look for a laptop bag with alternative straps. The thicker the strap is over your shoulder, the more comfortable it will be. Top-handle bags are also great for when you want to grab and go.

The Best Women’s Laptop Bag for a Large Laptop

Louenhide’s Houston Laptop Bag ticks all of the boxes. It has light gold hardware which allows the handles to lay flat on the bag and out of your way. It’s also large enough to store a 16-inch laptop portrait or landscape and has a narrow top and broad base so that it doesn’t topple over on the bus or under your desk. The extra adjustable strap also lets you convert it into a shoulder bag.

Where will you be travelling for work?

Think about all of the places that you and your laptop will go. Do you need to travel a lot for work? Will you have to make your way through airport security together? Are you going to be catching a bus, train, or ferry? Do you like to head out for drinks after work?

These are all factors that will influence what type of laptop bag you should buy. For example, if you’re a frequent flyer, then you will want to look for a lightweight laptop bag that you can carry on the flight.

If you like to socialise after work, then you should look for something in vegan leather that will easily repel spilt drinks and fit the dress code wherever you decide to go.

You should also consider your workspace. If you have a colleague who is a little heavy-handed with the air conditioning, then you might need a laptop bag that can fit a light jumper in it too.

A woman wearing a grey oversized blazer, white singlet and black shorts wheeling a black suitcase and beige nylon laptop bag sitting on top.
The Best Women’s Laptop Bag for Business Travel

The Nora Nylon Tote is one of the best travel laptop bags for commuting. Part laptop bag, part tote, it has a spacious yet compartmentalised interior which is perfect for carrying all of your work essentials. The backside zip pocket also gives you easy access to your essentials, while the backside suitcase sleeve lets you attach it to your luggage.

The Harper Laptop Bag is also a great business laptop bag for travel. The laptop briefcase style is tailored for the modern professional woman and the discrete luggage sleeve on the back makes it easy to sling over your suitcase.

What would you like to wear it with?

This is our favourite question!

Looking the part at work can help boost your confidence. Your workplace might even have dress requirements that you need to meet, particularly if you are in a client-facing role.

Take stock of your work wardrobe and note the items that you love wearing the most. What colours, fabrics, and shapes do you turn to all of the time? What style of shoes do you like wearing and what laptop bag will complement them?

The Best Stylish Women’s Laptop Bag

The Rhodes Laptop Bag is one of Louenhide’s best sellers because it comes in a variety of colours, suited to any type of personality. It also weighs in at just 0.8kg, making it a lightweight laptop bag option. It also has a classic shape and vegan leather always looks the part.

Still searching for the best laptop bag for you?

Explore Louenhide’s collection of practical and stylish laptop bags for women, and find the best laptop bag for you. Louenhide's Laptop Bag collection has products to tailor to your needs, from laptop cases, large laptop bags, small laptop bags & laptop bags with trolley sleeves. 

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