Louenhide’s New Recycled Vegan Leather Accessories Range

  • by Kirsty Campbell
Louenhide’s New Recycled Vegan Leather Accessories Range

Introducing Louenhide’s new Recycled Vegan Leather accessories range, made using
GRS Certified Recycled Eco Polyurethane. Working towards a better planet for every woman, every day.

Recycling. It’s a practice we complete somewhat mindlessly in our homes. Rinsing yoghurt containers and reusing them for paint pots; saving cardboard boxes for kid’s construction activities and repurposing worn out clothes for cleaning rags. Growing up, our mum’s have always had a handy collection of ice-cream containers under the sink for, well, let’s just say a lot of things!  

A structured handbag in Croc Stone

It’s time to level up and take these easy practices and apply them to our supply chains.

Louenhide has been practicing recycling habits in the workplace since its inception. We reuse cardboard boxes for our wholesale orders and recycle damaged cardboard and paper, collect unsaleable or faulty items and sell or donate them to give them a second life. More recently, Louenhide has introduced kitchen recycling and biodegradable product bags and postage satchels which has significantly reduced our plastic waste. But we want and need to do more.


Our next step was to look at the product. Could we change the very fabric of our bags without compromising on quality?
The answer is yes.

What is Recycled Eco PU?

Recycled processes have come a long way in the last few years. There are jeans made from plastic bottles and jumpers crafted from recycled wool yarns and now it’s time for handbags to have their time in the sun.

Louenhide’s new Recycled vegan leather accessories range is made from 40% Recycled Polyester, sourced from post-consumer garments, and 18% Recycled Polyurethane which is blended with virgin PU and calcium carbonate (chalk) to create a new fabric. Heidi Bailey, our creative director, partnered with our existing suppliers to source GRS Certified Recycled PU that contained over 50% recycled materials to create this range.

You can find the exact material content listed in the Product Details for each style.
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What is GRS Certification?

Louenhide is currently in the process of obtaining GRS Certification, which will allow all Louenhide Recycled Products to be GRS certified and fully traceable.

GRS Certification is a global standard that monitors and encourages the use of recycled materials in supply chains. Not only does the standard cover recycled materials content, but also social, environmental and chemical best practices. Louenhide’s Recycled Suppliers are independently audited by a 3rd party certification body which ensures strict adherence to the standards policies.
You can learn more about the GRS Certification by visiting their website below:

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