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Why a Nylon Bag is a Timeless Fashion Investment

Written by: Caitlin Bennett



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Yes, you heard us right. Nylon bags are back (for good)! Prada made the ‘Pocono’ nylon bag cool in 1984 and proved that practicality and luxury can go hand in hand. Fast-forward and functional street style continues to be celebrated throughout the fashion world. Read on to find out why performance fabrics such as nylon have continued to hold their own.

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Casual has become cool again and nylon doesn’t have to be left behind in the 80s. The best nylon handbags embody off-duty street style and the nylon renaissance looks so good, that we’re not sure this sporty fabric will ever go away again.

Here are 10 reasons why the nylon handbag trend is a fashion movement we can get behind.

Nylon Bags

1. Nylon bags are lightweight, yet durable

Nylon is a tough, yet ultra-lightweight fabric with a smooth, shiny finish. It’s a breeze to swing over your shoulder and can safely carry your essentials when you’re on the go. The best nylon crossbody bags are often so light and strong, that they get used for active living and travel. Whether you’re en route to the gym, brunch, or your favourite travel destination, they’re easy to throw on and go.

2. Nylon handbags don’t lose their original shape

Nylon is a soft and malleable fabric, making it a great option for travelling. You can easily pack a nylon handbag inside your luggage without worrying about it losing its shape or creasing. They don’t take up too much space in an overhead compartment or your wardrobe. 

3. Nylon bags are a versatile unisex style

If you have a partner in your life, then you might need to negotiate the terms of use for your nylon bag. Nylon has a utilitarian, street-style look which makes it a popular option for both men and women.

Just imagine how the Boyd Nylon Sling Bag could adapt to any casual outfit, men’s and women’s alike. It could be styled with gym gear or a structured blazer, it’s completely up to you.

4. Nylon bags are easy to clean

Spray your nylon bag with a waterproofer and you’re good to go! If you spill anything on nylon, you just need to wipe it down or wash it to keep it clean. Avoid bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your nylon, as they may do more harm than good, especially on darker nylon fabrics.

A woman wearing a white button up shirt with a khaki nylon crossbody bag over her arm

5. You can wear nylon bags anywhere

Nylon bags have a chic and sporty look that translates no matter where you’re headed. We’ve road-tested them on the way to the office, airport, gym, and dinner and noted double takes for all the right reasons.

The Nora Nylon Tote bag is a functional style that fits in pretty much anywhere. You can carry it with the adjustable shoulder strap or handles, and there is a backside sleeve so you can attach it to your luggage and travel in style. We love using the Nora as a casual laptop bag for travel. 

6. Nylon is water resistant

Nylon is naturally water resistant. It handles the elements and can be a great material for laptop, gym, and travel bags. Though best not to leave your nylon bag in the rain for extended periods of time! 

7. The best nylon bags facilitate an active lifestyle

Many of us are embracing active living and nylon bags make it easy for you to get out and enjoy yourself. You can be a little bit more carefree with a nylon handbag and style it with plenty of different outfits. You’ll rarely lose time transferring your essentials into another handbag before leaving home.

Looking for the perfect nylon duffle bag to take you from the gym and beyond? The Jenn Nylon Travel Bag adapts to every journey and can even be transformed into a nylon backpack for hands-free exploration.

8. Nylon is an affordable alternative to leather

Nylon has been there for women in some of the most difficult times. Women started wearing nylon stockings after World War II when silk was too expensive and out of reach for many. It continues to be an affordable option and is often selected by people who prefer not to wear animal products, such as leather.

A woman wearing a white button up shirt with a beige nylon crossbody bag over her shoulder
A woman wearing a black tank top with a beige nylon crossbody bag over her shoulder
A woman wearing a white button up shirt with a beige nylon sling bag over her shoulder

9. Nylon handbags have a utilitarian aesthetic

We love the soft, puffy, and functional aesthetic of nylon. If you’ve ever wondered how to style a nylon handbag, then rest assured that you can wear it with almost any purpose-driven outfit. You can luxe it up and wear it with lots of shiny jewellery for a chic evening look, or you can pair it with sneakers when you’re ready to hit the streets. We also love seeing nylon handbags with crisp cotton shirts, baggy denim, classic blazers, and fitted ensembles.

A woman wearing a black tank top with a khaki nylon sling bag onver her shoulder

10. Women from all different walks of life have embraced them

The iconic nylon handbag has been embraced everywhere, from high-end runways to the streets. It strikes just the right balance between fashion and function and has been celebrated by designers all over the world. We love that nylon bags are accessible and can make you feel great.

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