5 Reasons Why Crossbody Bags are the New Favourite Bag on the Block

  • by Kirsty Campbell
5 Reasons Why Crossbody Bags are the New Favourite Bag on the Block

Let’s be honest, the right bag can change your life. Sounds dramatic but it’s true. Having a bag that not only looks good but is practical, functional and the perfect size will make your life so much easier.
Here’s why our crossbody bags could become the life-changing accessory, you never knew you needed.


1. Throw Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care!

Because YOU CAN. Wearing a cross body bag leaves your hands free for much more fun activities – like waving them in the air. But also for picking up your coffee, for holding your phone while you’re walking and for pointing to all things you want to buy in your favourite boutique. One of our faves for this purpose is the fun, colour loving Rubix Crossbody Bag.

2. Bend and Snap

The beauty of a casual crossbody bag is that this bag will stay in place on your shoulder as you’re out there living your life. You may not be bending and snapping like they told us in ‘Legally Blonde’ – but you can tie your shoelaces, pick up that gold $2 coin that nobody has seen or chase after your very cute, but very fast toddler. Try out the Holly Croc Crossbody Bag for an elevated everyday style.



3. Easy Access

Now now it doesn’t mean what you THINK it might mean – but it does mean that you can get your hands inside your bag and find that loose change at the very bottom. The design of our crossbody bags has been meticulous and thoughtful – we know how frustrating it is to not be able to get to what you need in your bag and quickly. So a crossbody is the bag you should choose if you want to slip both hands in and find that lippy in an instant. Love multiple compartments? The Cassidy Crossbody Bag is made for you. If you prefer a no fuss, easy opening bag, you’ll find the Caprice Shoulder Bag a dream come true.

4. Versatility for the Win

No longer wanting to have a different bag for every single occasion? Women of today are demanding much more of their bags. We think the same and we design with that in mind. The crossbody bag is our first pick for versatility; it’s the bag we take from day to night. It’s the one that is big enough for all our “stuff” but still small enough to look glam with the right outfit. It’s the one you grab when you’re off to board a plane and the one you choose when you’re racing out the door for a coffee with a friend. PLUS many of our crossbody bags have multiple strap options so you can switch up the straps to completely change the look. We don’t have to tell you twice, add to cart: Rubix Crossbody Bag

5. Made to Fit

There is nothing worse than being on the short side and having your bag drag along your hips because you can’t adjust the straps. Or the opposite – the bag sits awkwardly under your rib cage because the strap is too short for your long torso. Luckily for you – we thought of this and decided that crossbody bags simply MUST have adjustable strapping AND also feel comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Some days we’re carrying our bags around with us for hours at a time and there is nothing pleasant about straps rubbing in the wrong places or cutting into tender (and tense) shoulders.

Instead – we choose straps that can fit almost any height and shape and will be comfortable whether you have the bag on for 5 minutes or 5 hours. If you love the look of our webbing guitar straps, look no further than the Jacinta or Lizzie Crossbody Bags. Glam and glittery more your style? Don’t compromise comfort, our Zara Crossbody suits the best of both worlds.


These reasons (and quite a few more) are why our crossbody bags are insanely popular. We know women won’t tolerate a bag which lets them down, so we’ve designed a range that will lift you all up. Looks good, feels good, and still fits everything in. Discover the entire Crossbody Bag Collection.Have you picked yours yet?

Louenhide xx

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