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Your Guide to Classic Parisian Style With Louenhide

Written by: Caitlin Bennett



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Parisian style is effortless. The perfect Parisian outfit can take you from brunch to work and the school drop-off to date night in one easy move. It’s as much about ease as it is about the art of expressing yourself through the way you dress. We never tire of exploring the mystique of Parisian women and their effortless attitude to style and life.

There is something that we all love about Parisian women and their sense of style. It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Full of contradictions, they are indifferent yet proud and have mastered the art of creating an outfit out of nothing. They might wear a trench coat over a dress, ripped jeans with ballet flats and a cashmere sweater, or red lipstick with a bare face, and the look is always just right.

If there is one thing that we all love about Parisian women, it’s their confidence to always be themselves. They invest in classic and timeless pieces, yet every ensemble that they own somehow forms into a true expression of who they are.

Parisian Style Bags

What is Parisian style?

Parisian style is an attitude that we can all benefit from injecting into our daily lives. It celebrates the beautiful contradictions of life and invites us to find confidence in ease.

The best way to describe classic Parisian style is to explore the delicate contradictions and intricacies that define it. 

Classic Parisian style is comfortable while exuding a timeless quality.

Parisian women always ensure that their clothes are well-fitted. Never excessively oversized or too tight, each piece complements their silhouette. A Parisian woman will never accept feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable. They select pieces that make it easy for them to move, but that comfort doesn’t come at the sacrifice of elegance. 

They often opt for classic pieces that are always in style. Think trench coats thrown over relaxed jeans with white sneakers, tailored pants with loafers, or sharp, long-line blazers with wide-leg trousers. Well-crafted staples form the foundations of their wardrobe. They invest in day-to-night dresses, simple jeans, white t-shirts, and button-down shirts that can bring together any ensemble, while their outerwear, shoes, and handbags speak to their distinct personality and style. They give statement pieces space to breathe and never overdo their look. Tailored, but never tight is the mantra and their chic, yet modest heels are always appropriate.

Parisians celebrate natural beauty and pay attention to the details.

Parisian women embrace simplicity and wear barely any makeup. Their “au naturel” style is about celebrating their natural features while still looking polished. Tinted moisturiser wins over foundation, the lightest touch of blush or bronzer complements the shape of their face. A whisper of mascara brightens their eyes. If they opt for a classic red lipstick, then it might be applied with their fingers to keep it looking soft. Their hair might be left to dry into its natural shape and delicately pulled into place to create a chic undone look. The finishing touches are never an afterthought.

Equally inspired by nature and the rhythm of urban life, they look to neutral and earthy tones that enhance their complexion. Picture classic shades such as cream, blush, black, navy blue, beige, and burgundy. This makes it easy for them to plan an outfit in a heartbeat and embrace whatever the day ahead might bring. Pops of colour and personality might come through in their accessories, either through a silk scarf tied or a sophisticated clutch , ensuring that their understated, yet elegant look is always their own.

Parisian fashion is grounded with a sense of rebellion.

Parisian fashion is feminine and practical. While fashion can sometimes call for women to look alluring at the cost of comfort, Parisians are effortlessly charming. They achieve this by mixing pretty, feminine looks with practical, masculine pieces. Picture a silk blouse tucked into tailored pants with a masculine belt, or an oversized button-down shirt with high-rise straight-leg jeans that subtly flatter the waist. A neutral linen suit paired with considered gold hardware exudes casual chic.

They never shy away from a protest, and their style rebels against the restrictive elements of female fashion, while still celebrating the joy of being a woman. Casual items are paired with dress-up pieces so that they always look the part without needing to try too hard.

Parisian women also observe the trends but never become a slaves to them. Their outfits should always work for them and every piece in their wardrobe needs to be complementary. If they invest in a trending handbag, it must be appropriate for all seasons, have longevity, and fit in with their shoes, coats, dresses, and pants.

Parisian chic isn’t hard to master.

You don’t need a fortune to embody Parisian chic. The Parisian sense of style is an attitude more than anything. It’s about being proud of what makes you unique, embracing your femininity, and never sacrificing comfort.

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