How to Select a Stylish and Versatile Mum Bag

  • by Caitlin Bennett
How to Select a Stylish and Versatile Mum Bag

One of the first challenges that many new mums face is finding the perfect handbag, crossbody, or tote bag. Suddenly, you’re not just trying to fit your own essentials. You’re also trying to squeeze in spare nappies, extra clothes, bottles, and more. Handbags for mums are designed a little bit differently and selecting one that’s stylish and versatile can make life so much easier.

We’ve put together the design factors you need to consider to make sure that your next mum bag investment is a hit. We’ve also sprinkled in a few of Louenhide’s best handbags for mums to get you inspired.

Plenty of Space

When you’re carting your kids around, you want to keep life as simple as possible. The less baggage you have, the better. That’s why size matters so much when it comes to mum bags. Just lay out all of the items you need to carry for your little ones on a daily basis and you will see what we mean. Make sure you select a bag that has enough internal space to fit everyone’s essentials in. If you’re a working mum, you may want to find a bag that also fits your laptop.


The Portsea Tote Bag is a favourite with Louenhide mums because it has a great everyday shape and a soft structure that’s spacious enough to fit everything in.

Adjustable Straps

Your bag will be filled to the brim and with extra baggage comes extra weight. That’s why you need a mum bag that’s comfortable to carry. Alternative and adjustable straps will give you multiple options for distributing weight. If your arm gets sore, you can swap to a longer strap and carry your bag on your shoulder. Top handles are also easy for you to grab and go one-handed.

Durable Materials

You never know when your little one will pull on your bag to get your attention. Look for thick materials and strong stitching. Quality straps will also help your bag stand the test of time.


The Daisy Crossbody Bag is a favourite crossbody bag for mums because it is gorgeously soft and spacious, and has thick straps with strong hardware.

Internal Compartments

The bigger your bag, the easier it is to lose things. So, make sure that your mum bag has easy-to-access internal compartments that keep your essentials separate. You’ll save yourself so much time and will never have to rummage for your car keys again. When internal compartments are built in, you don’t have to add dividers yourself.


Internal purses are game changers because they safely hold all of the items you can’t live without and look stylish when you lift them out of your bag.


They’re also great for those joyous moments when you get to downsize. Louenhide’s Dubai Tote bag has a boat-shaped silhouette with plenty of space, as well as a matching internal clutch that doubles as a sleek crossbody bag. It’s a tote bag for mothers that works and plays hard.

Stands Up On Its Own

Select a structured bag with a flat base so that it can stand up on its own. Your hands will constantly be full and you never know where you will have to put it down. A sturdy design will ensure that your items don’t spill out in all directions.


The Louenhide Bondi Tote is one of the best beach bags for mums because it has pockets for all the essentials and ample space for a beach towel (or two). It has a flat base and is a fuss-free travel companion for mums.

A Smooth Zip

When you’re constantly on the run, you’ll want to be able to zip up your bag so that you can hold everything in. Make sure that it glides smoothly so that you can open and close your bag with ease time and time again.

Easy to Wash

Kids can be chaotic and accidents will happen. So, select a mum bag that’s easy to wash. Materials like nylon or vegan leather are easy to wipe down and keep clean. When there is a spill, they’re less likely to absorb and hold onto stains. Try to find a wipeable and stain-resistant interior too, because you never know when one of those bottles might leak.


The  Nora Nylon Tote is designed for mums on the move. Made from Nylon, it’s a strong, yet ultralightweight travel bag for mothers and you’ll easily keep it stain-free.

Matches Your Personal Style

Mum bags have a lot of functional requirements, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on style. The right mum bag can help you look and feel great too. Consider colours and shapes that match your personality and wardrobe. When you find a stylish and versatile mum bag, you might even want to continue wearing it in the next chapter of life.

Still looking for the best mum bag?


Mums are constantly on the go and they need bags that can keep up with their busy schedule. That’s why Louenhide has curated a selection of its best handbags for mums. Not only are they fit for purpose, but they look great too.

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