Louenhide x Chicks in Pink

  • by Kirsty Campbell
Louenhide x Chicks in Pink

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Louenhide x Mater Chicks in Pink

Lou and I have been wanting to contribute to the community with meaning, for many years.

We have always given generously to day care centres and schools, year in an year out, but we haven’t found the organisation which aligns with Louenhide and our mantra: Every Woman, Every Day

Finally we are here! After many attempts with other organisations, we can say we have now created a new and lasting partnership with Mater Chicks In Pink, in the quest to support women going through their breast cancer journey. 

Breast cancer has affected so many of the women around us. My mother has had breast cancer, my aunt has had breast cancer, my cousin has had breast cancer. Many of my friends through life, have battled with breast cancer themselves or lost their mothers to breast cancer.

This year that we have created a collection of products to support these women. We started our range with idea of a cosmetic case for patients to store their toiletries and other necessities while in hospital. It quickly grew to a small collection of accessories, including a fuschia pink cap and fun guitar strap, a small cosmetic case and purse. All in pink, of course.

Often in life, we search for our purpose and it is collections like these that make us feel like we are making a difference.

We want this to be an ongoing collaboration, as breast cancer is not going away. The statistics are very alarming and the quicker we find a cure, the quicker these women will have better outcomes.

My beautiful friends, Felicity Rous and Jo Collins (sisters) began this charity with Meaghan Bakker back in 2003. A morning tea was the birth of the charity: Chicks In Pink.

They too have had their mother experience breast cancer and like me, many friends and family, which was their motivation to “do something” about it.

It grew and grew and before you could blink they were inundated with pink t-shirts, caps and other pink goodies, whilst raising many kids between the three of them.

Then, after many years and raising an incredible amount of money, they gifted the Chick In Pink charity to the Mater Foundation to take it to the next level.


To kick off our support for Mater Chicks in Pink, we hosted a fundraiser & collection launch during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. We’re proud to say we have donated our first 50 cosmetics bags directly to current breast cancer patients at Mater, and will continue this monthly.

We are excited to see our gorgeous customers have already started to purchase our newly released Louenhide x Chicks in Pink Collection, which is online now. All proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to support women with breast cancer. 

It was at this time many years ago, Louenhide was supplying the Chicks In Pink Shop at the Mater with fuschia pink handbags and cosmetic bags.

So in some ways there is the feeling of a full circle, where these amazing woman begun something many years ago and now we, at Louenhide are helping to continue to support women through Chicks In Pink.

As a business, Lou and I, are motivated to contribute to breast cancer research in the hope to help find a cure for our sisters, mothers and friends. We would love your support to make this happen!

You can shop the Louenhide x Chicks in Pink collection online now!

Heidi xx

Shop Louenhide x Chicks in Pink

By purchasing a Louenhide x Mater Chicks in Pink product, you are helping to support women going through difficult journeys with breast cancer. All proceeds from your purchase are donated to Mater Chicks in Pink. Your donation goes towards making women’s lives that little bit easier; from cleaners to help at home, a new pair of swimmers with special bra cups, taxi vouchers and now most importantly, breast cancer research. 

Louenhide are also donating 50 pink cosmetic cases per month, directly to women who have started their treatment journey in hospital. Our hope is that this small gift offers a little brightness to their day.  

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