Celebrating 15 Years of Louenhide

  • by Kirsty Campbell
Celebrating 15 Years of Louenhide

“It’s the journey full of great memories and laughs and not the end result that matters most to us.”



As some of you many know, this year Louenhide is celebrating 15 years in business! It’s an amazing milestone to reach and we wanted to take the time to celebrate and thank all of our beautiful customers, family and stockists who’ve been on this wonderful and sometimes crazy journey with us.

From us to you, we wanted to share some of our memories & life lessons learned from 15 years in business.
Lou & Heidi xx



WOW 15 years has gone so fast! It feels like we have been through it all.
Upon reflecting on this great milestone, it becomes apparent that like all things in life, it’s the journey full of great memories and laughs and not the end result that matters most to us.

LOUENHIDE is 15 years old this year. Can I just say the word JUGGLE! That’s the single biggest factor for surviving and thriving and we do it Every. Single. Day. Consistently juggling a career and family with all our schedules has been a challenge, but I think Heidi and I are both focused on “just getting stuff done”.


"Don’t let PERFECT be the enemy of good."

 My favourite quote right now is, “Don’t let PERFECT be the enemy of good.” I am not a perfectionist; I like to get it done. Knowing you have to do it all over again the following week, means I can move on and be better next time.

Heidi and I have always shared everything; the designing, ordering and day to day running of the business. We are empathetic and considerate of each other’s lives and all the family speed bumps that just pop up and smack us in the face. Only just now have we defined our roles from company octopus, to Brand & Social Media Marketing Director (me) and Product Development & Tech Director (Heidi).

Lou’s Top 5 Business Tips

  1. Spin on a dime, if it’s the best thing for the brand.

  2. Listen to your customers’ feedback, especially the bad. Act on it.

  3. Never stop growing and learning.

  4. Change is a good thing.

  5. Be flexible and open to other people’s ideas.


I suppose reflecting on “15 years in business” is a time to look back and be grateful. To be appreciative of all the people around us and be proud of the great brand we have created.
Our mantra from the beginning was always,


“If you don’t have a go, you’ll never know.” 


Lou and I have been very lucky that we’ve shared a similar mindset through the journey of owning a business together. You don’t hear of many successful business partnerships, 15 years on we haven’t driven each other crazy (yet!).

We are constantly moving forward and looking for new ways to improve and grow. It’s only times like these where we stop to “smell the roses” that we realise how far we have come as a brand and people.

We have always allowed each other artistic license and even if it’s a flop, we definitely don’t play the blame game – we just regather and move onwards.
I often describe our partnership as a bit like a team on the field. Lou plays a forward and I play a back. Lou has always been amazing at looking forward at the road ahead and predicting the terrain and I am always at the back fixing the fax machine!! No, what I really mean, is I tidy up the processes and find efficiencies.

The best thing about our business has been the fact that we can be creative, competitive and a little bit crazy?? all at the same time.

It’s exhausting and relentless but thrilling – and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. Except maybe Noosa…!

Heidi’s Top 5 Business Tips

  1. Find a great business partner to share it all with. Share the good and share the bad

  2. You have to be competitive

  3. Find a great mentor and listen

  4. Research and watch other brands

  5. Find some great online tools

As a way to celebrate our 15 years in business, we’ve custom designed a Silk Scarf with an interlocking LH logo in classic & identifiable Louenhide colours to gift to you. They are designed to be worn around your neck, on your wrist, in your hair or decorate your handbag. See our Customer Care page for more details on how to claim your gift. We hope you love them!

Lou & Heidi xx

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